Put Our Resources to Work for You

For 40+ years, IVEMSA has been supporting business performance with efficient, cost-effective administrative services that allow companies to focus on their core competencies. Our team of experienced professionals have an extensive network of contacts and resources, plus all the infrastructure and systems already set up for you. For businesses and companies that are already established in Mexico, our business services include:

Human Resources Services

Let IVEMSA team become your HR department and relieve your headaches with our solutions:

  • Headhunting. High level profiles, specialized personnel, executives, administrative, and indirect personnel in IVEMSA Management Services develop appropriate recruitment strategies to fill your vacancy with competent elements.
  • RPO Projects. Our team of experts on recruitment will build a project for your organization according to your vacancies; creating high-impact messages for candidates, increasing the speed and agility of the process, expanding the reach to diverse talent groups and, improving the experience of applicants.
  • Specialized Services. Our Human Resources department specialized in personnel recruitment will allow you not only to hire the right personnel but also to speed up your processes in order to save time and resources.
  • Business Intelligence. All the information you need to optimize your recruitment process and improve your workforce: consultancy on salaries, benefits, proformas, downsizing, unions, etc.

Payroll Maquila & Processing

We can take care of all the process as an extension of your payroll area, from calculate and determine the payroll taxes generated, to payments via direct deposits, benefits, medical and annual accruals (vacations, severance, profit sharing & holidays, etc.).

Saving Fund Management

Let our expertise team to manage this benefit on your employees by processing discounts, full reports of leases, economic performance, and monetary interests; while you dedicate more resources, time, and effort on value activities that improve your results.

Site Selection

With diversified industry and markets expanding throughout the country. Selecting the city to relocate or expand operations in Mexico can be a challenge. IVEMSA offers solutions to its customers by providing a complete analysis of site selection. This service helps national and international companies to start operations in the appropriate city according to their specific needs and requirements.

Staffing Services in Mexico (for US companies)

IVEMSA ranges from recruiting, to HR management, and payroll distribution, for the dedicated employee or dedicated team located in Mexico, sourced by a variety of skills to meet U.S. outsourcing needs for small and mid-sized businesses in various roles. This is a strategic way to benefit from Mexico’s talent pool without the necessity of creating a business footprint. Learn more.

International Trade Compliance

We deal with the complexities of foreign trade and customs compliance every day. Our team can help you with all import and export permits and border logistics for a seamless cross-border experience.

Transport, Warehousing & VMI Services

Our Mexico business services also include a full portfolio of Transport, Warehousing and Vendor Management Inventory services through our sister companies, IVEMSA Transport & IRON Logistics.

Advantages of IVEMSA’s Mexico BPO Services


We pride ourselves on offering flexible, custom solutions that perfectly meet our clients needs, large or small. If you need our full suite of administrative or management services, we can help you with that. Just looking for payroll services? We’ll make it happen.

Economies of Scale

IVEMSA’s business services are designed to help you maximize the cost benefits available when you manufacture in Mexico. We’ll help you take advantage of economies of scale – that typically aren’t available to individual companies – to help you manage costs as you scale your operations.


Don’t get distracted with administrative matters; focus on your Core Business, enabling you to engage exclusively in your company development.

Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
Gain peace of mind.

Contact us today and see how our specialized solutions can help you to focus on your core business letting the administrative headaches to our experts.