A Growing Skilled Workforce

A Growing Skilled Workforce

In the last decade, the number of graduates in engineering, manufacturing, and construction fields almost doubled, from just over 60,000 to almost 114,000. Today, over 110,000 engineers graduate in Mexico each year. Local and regional governments have supported and incentivized specialized training programs aimed at getting more people qualified to work in the more advanced, technical industries.

Manufacturing industries in Mexico have been shifting from basic manufacturing and assembly to more complex products and commodities. Mexico is the 3rd-largest exporter in the IT industry, 6th-largest supplier to the American aerospace industry, and the leading supplier of medical devices to the U.S.

Training and Education

Training and Education

Mexico has over 2,500 higher education institutions offering well-ranked and highly-sought after education and training programs. Some schools are even partnering with foreign companies for R&D and design projects. In Tijuana and throughout Baja California, many students take advantage of exchange programs with California’s top universities. Most workers who have completed a college degree are at least partly bilingual, as well.

The Mexican government has made it a priority to invest in education and training for its workforce. They have emphasized additional college coursework and established trade schools that are well-attended. The government has also implemented programs to help workers improve technical skills and find employment. Some even design programs with companies around their specific needs. The training programs provide hands-on experience, often on job sites, giving many students a path to employment once they complete the program. IVEMSA can help you connect with universities and take advantage of programs like these.

What Is a Mexico “Shelter”?

The shelter program in Mexico is designed to reduce risk and liability for foreign companies. Instead of setting up your own legal entity in Mexico, you can run your manufacturing under one owned by IVEMSA. We’ll handle all the permits and licenses, lease your facility, and take care of administrative responsibilities like HR and accounting. You get to focus solely on manufacturing and will maintain complete control over your processes and production.

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Businesses can save up to 30% on labor costs by manufacturing in Mexico?

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