All the Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico — None of the Hassle

Companies have long known the advantages of manufacturing in Mexico, but in the past decade, the benefits have gotten more compelling. Mexico is a great option for companies that want to reduce production costs while maintaining quality. It boasts low labor rates and a skilled workforce, plus a pro-business environment and international trade agreements with 44 countries. Mexico’s government is very invested in its manufacturing industries, with programs designed to entice U.S. and other foreign businesses (IMMEX / Maquiladora) and to educate and train its workforce in engineering disciplines and technical trades.

IVEMSA can help companies realize and maximize the cost savings of manufacturing in Mexico. Mexico’s shelter program allows companies to operate in Mexico without establishing a legal entity in the country, reducing their legal risk and liability.

What Is a Mexico “Shelter”?

The shelter program in Mexico is designed to reduce risk and liability for foreign companies. Instead of setting up your own legal entity in Mexico, you can run your manufacturing under one owned by IVEMSA. We’ll handle all the permits and licenses, lease your facility, and take care of administrative responsibilities like HR and accounting. You get to focus solely on manufacturing and will maintain complete control over your processes and production.

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Quick Guide to Setting Up a Business in Mexico

Get checklists to guide you through the process of setting up a shelter or stand-alone entity in Mexico, covering everything from the initial set-up to finding a site to preparing for trade compliance. Our Quick Guide will give you an idea of the differences between setting up a shelter vs. a stand-alone entity.

Quick Guide to Setting Up a Business in Mexico

Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
Gain peace of mind.

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