Expertise with a Variety of Manufacturing Industries in Mexico

Mexico has long been known as a hub for manufacturing. These industries continue to grow both in size and sophistication. This growth is fueled by a highly skilled workforce, world-class infrastructure and industrial facilities, proximity to the U.S., and lower labor costs.

Manufacturing industries in Mexico are going beyond simple assembly. Companies are turning to Mexico for design, R&D, and development of complex products and the latest technologies. Corporations in industries like aerospace, medical devices, and information technology work closely with Mexico’s highly-ranked universities and technical schools.

With 40+ years experience, IVEMSA has worked with companies across industries, of all sizes, and in every part of the supply chain.

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What Is a Mexico “Shelter”?

The shelter program in Mexico is designed to reduce risk and liability for foreign companies.
Instead of setting up your own legal entity in Mexico, you can run your manufacturing under one
owned by IVEMSA. We’ll handle all the permits and licenses, lease your facility, and take care of
administrative responsibilities like HR and accounting. You get to focus solely on manufacturing
and will maintain complete control over your processes and production.

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