Opportunities to Supply Major Manufacturing Clusters in Mexico

Outside of the main manufacturing industries in Mexico (automotive, aerospace, electronics, IT, and medical devices), there are many other companies that are either in the supply chains for those industries or part of other manufacturing clusters, including home and industrial appliances, sporting goods, recreational products, apparel, furniture, transportation equipment, plastics, packaging, refurbishing and others.

Mexico's Manufacturing Industry by the Numbers

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0MMmanufacturing jobs generated by foreign companies
$0USD per hour, entry-level manufacturing
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Integrate Anywhere in the Supply Chain

Some of the companies that act as supply chain partners for major industries perform manufacturing activities like:

  • Molding, including blow molding, compression molding, foam molding and injection molding.
  • Metalwork and finishing, including aluminum casting, die casting, sand casting, sheet metal operations, CNC and lathe machining work.
  • Powder metallurgy, including heat treating, anodizing, powder coating, aluminum finishing and plating.

Because the major manufacturing industries are so well-established in Mexico, it’s relatively easy for companies to integrate themselves into these supply chains. IVEMSA will act as your partner throughout this process.

Mexico Manufacturing Advantages

Large, Educated Labor Pool

Large, Educated Labor Pool

Mexico has large pools of unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled workers, so you can easily fill every position along your assembly line. IVEMSA has extensive networks and contacts to get you access to these labor pools throughout the country.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Personnel and overhead costs are typically lower in Mexico than the United States. On average, labor costs in Mexico decrease personnel costs by 40-50%.

Efficient Transportation Options

Efficient Transportation Options

Mexico’s border crossings and transportation options are among the most active in the world. Plus, it’s easy for your employees in the U.S. visit your plants in Mexico—and IVEMSA is happy to assist with travel plans.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

IVEMSA is your partner through every step of the process. We’ll help you set up a shelter, find a site, recruit employees, and contract vendors for build-out. Then, our management services [LINK: Managed Services] help keep things running.


Fast Facts: The Mexican Manufacturing Advantage

Download our free guide for important facts on Mexico manufacturing, like these:

  • Mexican labor costs are 10-30% less than the United States
  • Mexican universities and vocational schools see over 110,000 new engineering graduates each year
  • Mexico has over 5,000 foreign manufacturing companies and the infrastructure to support their needs
Fast Facts: The Mexican Manufacturing Advantage

Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
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