Opportunities Through Mexico’s IMMEX / Maquiladora Program

The IMMEX (formerly Maquiladora) program in Mexico offers favorable tax benefits to companies manufacturing in Mexico—especially those who primarily export their products to the United States.

What Is the IMMEX / Maquiladora Program?

First, a definition: a maquiladora is a factory in Mexico that’s owned and run by a foreign company. That company manufactures products in Mexico and exports them to other countries. One of the main cost-saving benefits is that the company is able to defer taxes when importing raw goods, materials, and equipment for manufacturing processes. They also pay lower tariffs when exporting finished goods to the U.S.

How IVEMSA Can Help Your Maquiladora

While there are numerous benefits to participating, the IMMEX / Maquiladora program comes with many strict regulations and requirements that change occasionally. It’s important for companies operating under the program to maintain detailed records and meticulously track inventory. For example, under the IMMEX program, a company can import goods and raw materials temporarily and must either export the goods (as a finished product) within a certain time frame, transfer them to another IMMEX company, or change their status from “temporary” to “definitive.” It’s challenging for many businesses to keep up with these requirements on their own.

By working with IVEMSA, you can use maquiladora licenses that we already have in place, or we can create and manage a new license for you. Our team will handle all the logistics so you can manufacture in Mexico with all of the advantages and none of the hassle. We’ll take care of:

  • Securing permits and licenses
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Identifying sites and facilities
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Customs compliance

Shelter vs. Standalone Entity: Which Is Best for You?

When manufacturing in Mexico, you can choose to operate under IVEMSA's shelter to reduce risk, or you can obtain your own maquiladora license and create a standalone entity.


You’ll be running your manufacturing operations under a “shelter,” an entity technically owned and run by IVEMSA. Although you’ll have full control over your manufacturing processes, you’ll operate under our business license, and IVEMSA will handle all the set-up and administrative processes.

  • Start production in 6-8 weeks
  • Pay no income tax for the first four years
  • No additional investment needed to set up admin departments and systems
  • IVEMSA secures all licenses, permits and certifications
  • Reduced legal risk and liabilities
  • Exemption from VAT payments at Mexican customs
  • Approximately 30% savings over setting up on your own

Standalone Entity

If you prefer to set up your own Mexican corporation, IVEMSA can guide you through the process of setting up and running a business in Mexico. We will help you obtain IMMEX / Maquiladora permits and other required permits and registration you will need to operate. We can also provide ongoing management services (HR, accounting, etc.) to help your operations run smoothly.

  • Start production in 16-24 weeks
  • Mexican entity incorporation needed
  • Full exposure to Mexican fiscal, labor and trade authorities
  • No income tax exemption
  • Company responsible for hiring and running all departments including HR, Accounting, IT, trade compliance, etc.
  • Must secure all licenses, permits & certifications before opening
  • Software purchasing needed
  • Working with IVEMSA can save you up to 20% vs. setting up on your own

Fast Facts: The Mexican Manufacturing Advantage

Download our free guide for important facts on Mexico manufacturing, like these:

  • Mexican labor costs are 10-30% less than the United States
  • Mexican universities and vocational schools see over 110,000 new engineering graduates each year
  • Mexico has over 5,000 foreign manufacturing companies and the infrastructure to support their needs
Fast Facts: The Mexican Manufacturing Advantage

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