Answering the Challenge

The Situation: At the start of 2013, IVEMSA medical technology client Masimo, was notified that the multinational giant Phillips, was going to conduct an audit of their Mexican operations. The audit would be held in March, and would cover all functional business areas including labor, health and safety, environmental sustainability, and ethics.


The Challenge: Demonstrate compliance that met or exceeded the Phillips internal standards, as well as the Mexican government laws and regulations, to gain the required stamp of approval and continue working as a Phillips supplier.


The Action: Working together, IVEMSA and Masimo quickly assembled a joint team to coordinate all the relevant documents and work with the Phillips auditors. Phillips personnel reviewed the paperwork and talked to department personnel from every key functional area at both IVEMSA and Masimo job sites.


The Result: Virtually no high-impact findings, and in the client’s own words “Phillips commented several times that they have rarely seen such a good audit report. The report presented very few findings and of the findings, none of them were critical. From a Philips perspective, they stated several times, that the report is very, very good and that the team in MX should be very proud of the systems and maintenance of the systems in place in this regard.”


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