Teamwork Gets the Job Done

The Situation: Due to a sudden and unforeseen growth in product demand, it was urgent that IVEMSA client Masimo implement a special weekend work shift.


The Challenge: In less than 48 hours, create the entire infrastructure needed to process payroll for an additional shift, and make special accounting calculations for proportional taxes and deductions. Then, prior to implementation, conduct testing of the payroll system to assure accurate delivery of information and compliance with labor and fiscal laws.


The Action: IVEMSA assembled a team with members from IT, payroll, and external labor and fiscal consulting firm advisors to work side by side with Masimo personnel to develop the rapid ramp strategy and implementation while avoiding potential non-compliance or a systems failure.


The Result: Masimo launched operation of the special shift fully staffed with no complications or delays, and in full compliance, achieving the desired production goals.


Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
Gain peace of mind.

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