IVEMSA Launches New Website with Mexico Manufacturing Focus


IVEMSA, a company that provides consulting to foreign businesses on Mexico manufacturing operations, launched an updated website, ivemsa.com, with a fresh design, enhanced functionality and content that focuses on the client experience.


“When companies start planning their Mexican manufacturing operation, they quickly realize there is a huge learning curve,” said Sergio Tagliapietra, president of IVEMSA. “As consultants, part of our job is to educate clients and act as their guide to manufacturing in Mexico. We wanted our new website to not only clearly outline our services, but serve as a reliable information source they can turn to as they prepare to set up their operations.”


New Education Sections for Businesses


A major part of the refresh includes a new “Manufacturing in Mexico” section, which serves as an education center for foreign businesses that are considering moving their manufacturing operations to Mexico. The section includes a wealth of information on concerns such as labor costs, nearshoring benefits and how Mexico compares to China in foreign manufacturing.


The new site also includes a separate industry section, which provides pertinent facts and figures for key industries that the Mexican labor force specializes in: aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices, information technology and general manufacturing.


“In our 35 years serving clients, we’ve learned that each industry has their own unique considerations when it comes to manufacturing,” added Tagliapietra. “Our goal was to make sure everyone’s individual needs were addressed with specialized sections that has all industry-related information in once place.”


Site visitors have the ability to download industry-specific guides such as “The Aerospace Manufacturing Advantage,” as well as general resources like the “Mexican Manufacturing Cost Fact Sheet.”


Design Considerations


In addition to the shift in content, the new website features a clean, modern design that incorporates video and movement to engage visitors.


“We are proud to launch a website that is not only beautiful, but organized in a way that is easy for a visitor to navigate and find information that can help them in their business,” said Tagliapietra.


Founded in 1982, IVEMSA provides shelter and management services to foreign companies that want to move manufacturing operations to Mexico. Based in Mexicali and with six locations throughout Baja and Central Mexico, IVEMSA guides companies through the entire process of establishing and conducting operations in Mexico, including site selection, trade compliance, human resources, recruiting, accounting and environmental health and safety.