Optimize Your Employee Retention Plan When Manufacturing in Mexico


Employee retention is one of the key advantages of any successful business, regardless of industry. However, it’s even more important when manufacturing in Mexico, since the technical workforce is both highly skilled and highly competitive.


The time and money to recruit, onboard, and train new employees is one of the most costly areas for any company. In order to maintain success in 2020 and beyond, revisit and optimize your employee retention plan to ensure it’s up-to-date with market trends and changing employee needs. This requires prioritizing solutions, good communication, and showing employees how much you value them.

Prioritize Solutions in Order of Importance

In order to find a solution, you must first get to the root of the problem. Consider the main areas causing turnover in your company. Is it salary? Working conditions? Identifying your employees’ expectations and where your company is falling is short bridges the gap between what they want and what you can provide to make way for improvement. These may change year over year.


Gauge employee feedback regarding onboarding, training, workloads, management satisfaction, and other criteria when manufacturing in Mexico. This will allow you to pinpoint and prioritize areas that need the most work first. This may involve addressing the most urgent employee need as well as providing a solution to problems that can be handled more quickly.

Communicate Often to Promote Transparency

One of the benefits of working with Mexico shelter companies is they help you create an effective employee retention plan. Once in place, communicate your action plan often with details and milestones to promote transparency as you continue optimizing it. Also, establish set guidelines for discussing work matters with management, whether that’s with an open-door policy or another structured way to provide constructive feedback that will be heard and acted upon.


When action is taken, it raises morale and shows your care and consideration with respect to maintaining a positive working environment. This will motivate employees to be more productive and content in their positions.

Recognize Employees on a Regular Basis

Make employee recognition a part of your company’s culture of speaking up for those who show consistency in the quality of the work as well as for the instances when a person goes above and beyond. A little recognition can go a long way in retaining your most valued employees. Acknowledge a job well done through a one-on-one review or as part of a team meeting. When employees feel their work is valued, their job satisfaction and productivity rise.


Show employees that you value their work by extending a competitive pay rate, robust benefits package, professional development opportunities, and allowing them to provide feedback regarding working conditions and job satisfaction. Evaluate each employee by their merit and time with the company to determine when these offers are made.

Maintain a Competitive Edge with the Best Employees

U.S. manufacturers that hire employees in Mexico need to understand what is valued most, especially when compared to the U.S. Review benefits offered, salary trends, performance protocols, and overall working conditions. Taking care of them in advance versus waiting until they’re ready to leave your company will create a sense of trust within your company and motivate them to stay.


Mexico shelter companies like IVEMSA can guide you through what’s expected and what will keep you competitive while also staying within your budget and growth plans. Contact us today to learn more about recruiting and retaining the best employees.

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