Over 30 Years of Operations Support

IVEMSA is a Mexican Outsourcing Administrative Services and Compliance Company that for over 30 years has been helping companies with headquarters around the globe achieve their manufacturing goals.  We provide all the comprehensive administrative services necessary for smooth operation; allowing you to focus on core issues of process, productivity and quality.



IVEMSA Helps Achieve Your Manufacturing Goals in Four Ways:

  • Full Shelter Package: IVEMSA can get you up and running quickly by establishing your Mexican manufacturing operations under our shelter umbrella. From feasibility study assistance, to site selection, to administrative services we do all the work, allowing you to focus on your core competencies of manufacturing excellence. In ALL cases, you retain full intellectual property (IP) rights and total control over the assembly processes, quality and finished product.
  • Start-up Program: With IVEMSA you can fast-track operations in Mexico by opening for business with all the tax and legal benefits of an IVEMSA Shelter company while using IVEMSA expertise to simultaneously file for stand-alone corporate status.
  • Outsourced Administrative Services: You can choose the individual services you want from our comprehensive professional portfolio. Each administrative service you select will be customized to your specific situation.
  • IMMEX Maquiladora Program: If your goal is to operate in Mexico as a unique legal entity, IVEMSA can assist. For complete assistance to create a standalone Mexican business entity, ask us about our IMMEX Maquiladora Program.