Our professional team tailors each client’s administrative management solution to optimize profitability, allowing you to focus on core competencies of production and quality control. From selected management solutions, to full shelter services, to start up of a stand-alone entity, our dedicated personnel and network of contacts will get you up and running quickly, and keep you running productively.

Large or Small Operations – IVEMSA Makes It Cost Effective

Whether you want the services of a full shelter or only selected individual services such as customs, human resources or government compliance, IVEMSA provides the best value for long-term, cost effective solutions. And whether you are planning on 5 Mexican employees or 2,000, client satisfaction remains our paramount goal.
quote_ucdavis2In fact, with IVEMSA, flexibility is one of the keys to your success.  A number of our clients started out with a small labor force, and then found that the flexibility of our administrative services allowed them to easily ramp up personnel and operational output.  Some clients increase and decrease the size of their labor force and customs shipments seasonally or as the result of unexpected product demand. Either way, IVEMSA responds quickly to your ongoing needs, rightsizing personnel and resources, all while making sure that you remain fully compliant with legal and government regulations.

Working with IVEMSA helps you:

  • Eliminate the need to make sizable investments in physical and human assets
  • Minimize risk and liability
  • Better control cash flow
  • Lower costs
  • Optimize profitability
  • Focus on production, quality control and on-time delivery
  • Cut through the legal “red tape”
  • Shorten the learning curve of doing business in Mexico
  • Get experienced staff from the beginning of your operations
  • Make a smooth cultural transition

And with IVEMSA there are no hidden or “surprise” fees.  All costs associated with clients’ operation such as labor and utilities are straight pass-through costs with no mark up.  The IVEMSA fee for administrative support is agreed upon up-front with no additions unless previously, mutually, acknowledged in writing.