Complete Accountability.  Complete Transparency.

Fiscal and tax compliance can be complicated.  And monitoring and approving transactions on a 24/7 basis takes an experienced, dedicated team to make it happen.  Many of IVEMSA’s accounting team members have been with us for years, and all of them have the training and commitment to get the job done, while helping control costs.

We add value by administrating and making sure you are in compliance with:

  • Payroll and invoices
  • Vacation, benefits and bonuses
  • Hiring, terminations and resignations
  • Cash flow analysis and expense reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Vendor, rent and utility payments
  • Federal, state and local taxes

And we do it all with an online system you can access from anywhere, at any time to:

  • Review and approve purchases electronically
  • Track transactions historically
  • Download supplier’s invoices
  • Generate statistics and data reports
  • Track current transaction status and follow up
  • Process invoices
  • Share information with others