Zodiac Aerospace Tijuana Facility Gets Employee Boost with Outsourced Program


What do you do when you need a big recruiting push and don’t have the internal staff to make it happen? This last February, the answer for Zodiac Aerospace was to reach out to a team experienced in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.


With 116 production points throughout the world, the French company Zodiac, established several facilities in the Mexican border cities of Chihuahua and Tijuana in the early 1990’s. There they produce a variety of interior components for aircraft that are utilized worldwide.

Early in this year, the Tijuana operation was not meeting production requirements and they identified an immediate need to hire a minimum of 110 new employees. Their internal Human Resources staff had recently experience loss of personnel, so they turned to IVEMSA BPO Services to help fill the gap.


The IVEMSA BPO Human Resources team quickly assessed the situation and realized that there were several challenges to overcoming including the location of the facility, and getting the word out to potential employees. Having an extensive network of resources and all the systems in place to rapidly swing into action, a team of three IVEMSA BPO HR people swung into action.


By utilizing radio, newspaper, Facebook and large signs at the facility, within four weeks, 234 new employees had been successfully recruited for Zodiac – beating the project timeline of six weeks and assuring ongoing continuation of production. Then, at the client’s request, the HR time stayed a week longer to prepare and give a presentation on maximizing the internal Zodiac HR function.


Thanks to a quick, nimble team of experienced professionals, Zodiac was able to exceed their goals and minimize the cost. That’s what IVEMSA BPO is all about. If you have a need for one- time or ongoing Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll, Tax and Compliance issues, or Warehousing, contact IVEMSA BPO today and let us show you how we can meet your needs in the most cost effective way possible.


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