Tagliapietra Named One of Most Important Businessmen


In September, Bien Informado, a leading business publication, named IVEMSA President Sergio Tagliapietra as one of the most influential entrepreneurs and business people in the northern Mexican states of Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California.

The special edition titled, 100 Most Important Entrepreneurs in Northwest Mexico, credits the vision and drive of these business people with the health and economic success of the region. It cites the challenges met by the group to keep pace with changes and achieve a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


The list includes leaders from such industries as pharmaceutical, finance, hospitality, and automotive. Tagliapietra, and IVEMSA, were the only ones named who provide administrative services, as well as full shelter services, for foreign companies doing business in Mexico. Tagliapietra has spent the last 30 years pioneering administrative service solutions in Mexico as the head and founder of IVEMSA. Today, working with government in all parts of the continent, he is one of the country’s most respected business leaders in the field.


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