Tagliapietra Appointed Marketing Vice President of Tijuana EDC


With the region’s manufacturing business growing dramatically, the President of the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation, Christina Ermosillo, has appointed Christian Tagliapietra as Vice President of Marketing for the organization.


Tagliapietra is charged by the EDC with helping to increase visibility of the benefits foreign manufacturers receive when doing business in Tijuana. Also head of Regional Operations for the manufacturing services provider, IVEMSA, he said, “Companies from around the world have conducted successful manufacturing operations in Tijuana for over 50 years. Now we are seeing this momentum grow exponentially and as both a member of the EDC and IVEMSA, I am very excited to help our community grow in a way that is a win-win for all stakeholders.”


Tijuana, Mexico is a strategically located gateway to the northern, southern and central Americas, and with its long history of manufacturing, has a well-trained labor pool and extensive infrastructure. This multicultural city already hosts over 600 manufacturing companies in such diverse industries as aerospace, medical devices, automotive, electronics, and biotechnology, with an emerging presence of IT support and infrastructure companies.


The Tijuana EDC provides a portfolio of services, free of charge, to assist companies looking to establish manufacturing operation in Mexico and become globally competitive. Services include:

  • Live information seminars on how to do business in Mexico with a panel of experts.
  • Business Development Executives dedicated to your project as your consultants and facilitators.
  • Site Selection Assistance.
  • “Quick Landing” services to help you plan and execute your start-up process.
  • Facilitate connections to Shelter Operators or Contract Manufacturers, in case you do not wish to set up your own operation.
  • Supplier Development & Customer Contacts — for your sourcing needs.


For more information contact the Tijuana EDC at 1-855-558-5332 or www.tijuanaedc.org


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