Spoiler Alert: Your Employees are Key to the Success of Your Company!


As business owners operating or considering setting up operations in Mexico, the challenge of putting the right work force together and retaining it, it’s important to think about a key factor to your success: the culture you create in your organization and how to best motivate your employees.

Innately, most business owners realize that a committed and knowledgeable team is critical to the company’s success.  Yet, frequent mistakes are made in both the planning of and executing of Human Resources.

Human Resources: Administration vs. Strategy

There are functions involved in a human resource department that seem to be what many business owners might define as Human Resources, in total.

Those include:

  • Hiring/Terminating Employees
  • Completing and Filing New Hire and/or Exit Paperwork
  • Disseminating Benefit and Company Policy Information
  • Processing Payroll

While these administrative processes are a very necessary piece of human resources, they are far from inclusive in defining the role in its entirety.   The definition of ‘strategic’ human resource management includes a list of these functions, but is further defined as:

“…Proactive management of the employees of a company or organization.  Working with employees in a collaborative manner to boost retention, improve the quality of the work experience, and maximize the mutual benefit of employment for both the employee and the employer.”

Does that ring true for your company?  Could you do more to create a culture that includes high employee satisfaction that ultimately affects the bottom line and many other aspects of your organization?

What Makes an Employee Commit?

The mindset of days past was that a bigger paycheck would help keep employees happy and stay put.  Though in a recent study, by the Aberdeen Group, employees surveyed reported the top reasons they would stay committed to a company for the long term are:

  • Being challenged and intrigued by their work
  • Having a quality work-life balance
  • Foreseeing a future with the company, a part of the growth plan
  • Strong relationships with their colleagues
  • Competitive benefits

Ivemsa – Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Team at Ivemsa are experts in assisting companies with screening, recruiting, and retaining top notch talent.  In addition to offering ongoing human resource supervision services, they work with you to develop and implement training, create incentive programs to enhance productivity and increase retention.



Please come back soon for more in our own going series on Human Resource Management.   You may also visit us here to read more about the HR Services at Ivemsa.


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