Spectrum Aeronautical to Make Major Investment in Mexicali, Mexico


Spectrum Aeronautical, a Carlsbad, CA based aircraft manufacturer, plans to make history in Mexico with its Spectrum-40 (S-40) Business Jet.


The Jet will be the first aircraft totally manufactured in Mexico and signals a bright green light to other forward-thinking manufacturers worldwide to seriously consider the many advantages and opportunities available to them in Baja California.

Visionary aeronautical industry leaders Linden and Austin Blue plan to invest about $300 million in the Baja ‘Silicon Border’ to complete the design, certification and manufacturing of their new aircraft. Certification will involve the DGAC, FAA and European certification entities. The economic impact predicted is that by the 10th year of production, Spectrum will either provide or stimulate the creation of thousands of new jobs in Baja California.


The S-40 is a mid-size business jet that can accommodate up to nine passengers and fly over 4,000 kilometers. It is expected to cost about half as much to own and operate as comparably sized business jets and use half the fuel. Working with advanced composites to create unique structures which perform better than anything currently available, or in development, the Spectrum S-40 takes advantage of over thirty years of refinement of carbon fiber/epoxy technology.


The Spectrum Aeronautical father and son team of Linden and Austin Blue bring not only more than 30 years experience in developing advanced aircraft and composite manufacturing technologies, but aircraft industry experience recognized internationally. As Chairman, Linden Blue provides overall vision and direction for the company. He was formerly the President and CEO of Beech Aircraft Corporation, where he directed the initial development of the first FAA certified advanced composite business aircraft. As Executive Vice President and General

Manager of Learjet, he was instrumental in defining and developing the winglet configured line of Learjets. Mr. Blue has logged over 10,000 hours as pilot in command, and is a graduate of Yale University and the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.

Austin Blue has been involved in Spectrum’s development since the mid-1990s. His responsibilities include logistics, development of business and financial strategy, legal administration, and development of key business relationships. Mr. Blue received his first Masters’ degree from the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. He is an instrument rated pilot and also holds a second Masters Degree in Global Business Administration.


Mexicali is proud to be the manufacturing choice for this exciting aviation advancement and IVEMSA welcomes the prestigious Blue team to our Silicon Border community!


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