The Search for Skilled Industrial Workers: How a Mexico Shelter Company Can Help


Hiring qualified labor is the top priority for manufacturers today. Finding enough industrial workers at a cost that makes sense for sustainability and growth is essential. With the level of skill and stability across several sectors, including automotive, medical, and aerospace manufacturing, expanding the employee pool has become increasingly competitive.


Thus, a growing number of U.S. and other foreign companies are exploring Mexico as a recruiting option to fulfill industrial roles as they expand. Manufacturing in Mexico allows for large-scale production with cost-effective, labor-intensive work while maintaining intellectual property protection.Partnering with a Mexico shelter company can assist you in finding skilled workers in Mexico.


In fact, medium- or large-sized organizations without a presence in Mexico find themselves being left behind. To further the benefits, partnering with a Mexico shelter company gives foreign manufacturers an extra advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining workers.

Here’s how:


Navigating Worker Selection by Industrial Location

In Mexico, certain locations are equipped to support specific sectors better. For instance, areas like Queretaro and Monterrey are known for their automotive and aerospace concentrations. Whereas, manufacturing hubs like Mexicali and Tijuana also add medical device and electronics manufacturing to the mix.


Regardless of what sector a manufacturer specializes in, a Mexico shelter company has the experience and expertise to point them in the right direction so they can recruit qualified employees as quickly as possible.


It’s rare for a company to only require entry-level employees for simple processes. In this case of low-mix, high-volume production, Asia is likely the more cost-competitive location. Depending on the output and business goals, the solution may be to diversify a portfolio by expanding to Mexico while maintaining operations in China at the same time.


Scheduling Site Visits with Skilled Trainees

As manufacturers consider operating in Mexico, a shelter company can schedule site visits to local universities and training centers to match them with the type of employees they’ll need for their projects.


A shelter will also help with employee contracts, minimizing risk, and keeping retention high. Although manufacturers can perform these recruiting and hiring functions on their own, it’s far less costly to have Mexico shelter services in place. In addition to HR, a shelter company handles other key administrative areas, such as accounting, taxes, and trade compliance, which are departments manufacturers would otherwise have to hire separately.


Estimating Competitive Labor Costs

The main benefit of operating in Mexico is the availability of cost-competitive labor and employees with specialized skills which are difficult to find in the U.S. A shelter company can estimate the cost of production annually by factoring in the number of workers and required technical background needed.


Working with a shelter company is the way the majority of manufacturers choose to operate in Mexico. It reduces labor expenses, while also minimizing legal risk and exposure of operating in a foreign country. At the same time, it allows manufacturers to focus their full attention on production and safeguards their intellectual property rights.


Build Your Industrial Workforce with Mexico Shelter Services

See if making a shift to Mexico manufacturing makes sense for your company, particularly when it comes to fulfilling the need for industrial workers.


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