Mexico’s Next Reform: Aviation


The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) is working together with a variety of aviation interest groups to craft a new national Aviation Policy for congressional approval in August.  On the table are an open skies policy, cost reduction and foreign investment.

The effort is, in part, the result of a push by the National Chamber of Aerotransportes (Canaero) that has long advocated reduced restrictions and lower taxes in order to allow for greater international competitiveness. Currently just the domestic airline industry alone moves more than 55 million passengers a year and contributes 0.4% to the GDP. Aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus predict that due to the growth of the middle class, domestic air travel will grow by a minimum of 54% over the next seven years.

With air travel reforms of greater international competitiveness and lower flight costs, Mexico will continue to enhance its efforts towards attracting both more tourism and business.  For more details


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