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Foreign companies have been successfully running manufacturing operations in Mexico since the early 1960’s and continue to do so today. Still, the Mexican economic reforms of 2013 have presented new challenges with complex governmental regulation in both production and administrative areas. The good news is that far from being alone with these issues, manufacturers have a team of experts that are advocating daily on their behalf at the highest governmental levels.

The Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora y Manufacturera de Exportacion, or as it is better known, the INDEX Association, is the nation’s strongest advocate for maquiladoras. This association is comprised of top level executives from a variety of leading businesses throughout Mexico who have dedicated their careers to building a positive business environment both for foreign manufacturers and the well being of the Mexican economy.

As a whole, INDEX represents more than 80% of the workforce in the export industry, encompassing more than 2,250,000 workers for more than 1,200 exporters, located in more than twenty cities throughout the country. That means INDEX has clout, and it’s getting results.

Thanks to their efforts, foreign manufacturers are now allowed to apply for a VAT credit certification of the Mexican IRS that, when obtained, effectively eliminates any impact of the recent 16% VAT levy on all imports. They have also intensified their lobbying efforts to executive and legislative powers by organizing workshops, more frequent meetings of Board of Directors, and increased communications. They research and publish a variety of reports and analyses, the most recent of which is the Economic Report put out in conjunction with Banco BASE in July, 2015.

Currently the INDEX team is in intense negotiations with federal leaders of a number of departments regarding a variety of issues. Sergio Tagliapietra, head of the INDEX shelter committee and CEO of IVEMSA reports, “We are finding great receptivity to the points we have brought to the table, and are confidently moving forward towards a positive resolution to our concerns.”

INDEX continues to work towards the fulfillment of its Mission: “To ensure that Mexico is a competitive leader in global environment.” For more information about INDEX click here or contact Sergio Tagliapietra at


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