Improving Cost Benefits with Customs Compliance in Mexico

Foreign trade is a complex process with many intricate details. There are compliance policies and other rules that every company must follow. We draw on our deep knowledge in the customs import/export industry to help your business navigate these policies with ease.

With customs compliance, you can transport raw materials and equipment across the U.S.-Mexico border quickly and cheaply. We show you how outsourcing to Mexico handles your logistics, permits and certificates, analysis, and reporting to create a smooth import/export experience.



Develop a Border Logistics Strategy


Border logistics is the strategy that your company makes to transport finished and unfinished goods across the U.S.-Mexico border. Faster transportation across the U.S.-Mexico border means faster assembly and delivery times for your products.

IVEMSA’s customs specialists tailor a specific strategy to handle your unique needs and capabilities. We handle the transportation of your raw materials and equipment to Mexico from the U.S. and finished products from Mexico to the U.S.


Obtain Import/Export Permits and Certificates


Customs compliance is the most challenging part of handling your imports and exports that involve Mexico. It’s critical for your business to have the correct permits and certifications to be custom-compliant and avoid large fines.

IVEMSA records Certificates of Origin to validate the country of origin of your raw materials and equipment. These certificates establish trust between your company and your suppliers. In addition, customs compliance in Mexico requires HACIENDA and COFEPRIS permits, to name a few. IVEMSA handles these permits and other required permits to ensure your company is custom-compliant.


Use Workflow Analysis and Reporting


Finding out what is working and not working is an important part of your import/export business. Data analysis and reporting should be used to justify these important decisions.

Professional customs specialists at IVEMSA analyze the flow of your imports and exports and your duty impact. They carry out reconciliation reporting to ensure proper accounting of budget expenses. Also, IVEMSA customs specialists conduct shipping audits to ensure proper delivery of raw materials and equipment. Find out how to save additional costs with administrative support in Mexico.


Greatly Reduce Your Company’s Budget


Import duties play a large part in any company’s budget. However, companies often overlook this cost when planning their budget.

We worked with our client, Paper Mate, to reduce their import costs and duties while obeying customs compliance. Finding inexpensive materials and components helped us reduce our client’s import costs. In the end, we were able to save Paper Mate over $800,000 by using specialized tools and careful planning. Learn more about how we reduced costs for Paper Mate in our case study.


Adaptable and Responsive to Your Needs


Image Credit @ Masimo


When faced with adversity, the customs compliance team at IVEMSA responds quickly. Faced with a major delivery for our client, Masimo, after a massive earthquake, the IVEMSA met and improvised a delivery solution.

Our customs specialists gathered critical resources and networked remotely to coordinate the export for Masimo. The result was a successful scheduling and delivery of Masimo’s products. In fact, IVEMSA was the only company the utilized U.S. customs service the day after the massive earthquake. Learn more about how we delivered for Masimo in the face of natural disaster in our case study.


A thorough customs compliance solution can give you peace of mind when doing business in Mexico. Let us quickly go over how customs compliance helps your company.


What We Learned


Customs compliance ensures that your company has a great experience transporting raw materials and equipment across the U.S.-Mexico border. By handling transportation, documentation, and reporting, IVEMSA helps companies save money and avoid shipping delays. Find out how IVEMSA’s excellent record can improve your customs import/export operations.


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