How to Avoid Common Human Relations Mistakes


Increase Productivity: Avoid HR Pitfalls


Every company needs a well-oiled Human Relations department.  Well-maintained HR procedures and policies can  reduce your companies’ liability, save costs and help increase productivity. Two common HR mistakes are not maintaining an updated employee handbook and not conducting proper pre-employment screenings. Each of these simple HR practices can help maintain a proactive and highly motivated workforce.

Human Resources: Employee Handbooks

The first step in a great HR strategy is maintaining and updating your employee handbook every two years. Providing updated standards for your employees will decrease confusion among employees as to company expectations. Setting clear and specific expectations will minimize your employees’ frustration and any confusion so they can stay focused on their goals and help your business forge ahead. Employee handbooks are different based on your company but should all include some key documents.

Those include

  • Code of Conduct
  • Communication Policy
  • Non-discrimination policy
  • Employment and termination policy


A marathon runner can’t get to the finish line if he doesn’t know where it is or how to get there. Same goes for your employees. So give them clear direction so that they don’t get lost or frustrated along the way.”

Screening Employees?

Pre-employment screenings are vital to choosing an efficient workforce and they are becoming increasingly affordable.  Screening and recruiting top performers will greatly increase workplace productivity and will bring a positive presence to the team. Pre-screenings can ensure that they most qualified and effective employees are hired, saving you costs in the long run. It is often necessary to notify and gain the consent of potential employees before running these pre-employment screenings.  Important screenings include:

  • Education verification,
  • Job history verification,
  • Criminal background check,
  • National sex offender registry check,
  • Social security number trace,
  • Fraud detection

IVEMSA- Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Team at Ivemsa are experts in assisting companies with screening, recruiting, and retaining top-notch talent.  In addition to offering ongoing human resource supervision services, they work with you to develop and implement training, create incentive programs to enhance productivity and increase retention.

Please come back soon for more in our own going series on Human Resource Management.  You may also visit us to read more about the HR Services at Ivemsa.


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