How Administrative Support in Mexico Cuts Accounting and HR Costs


Companies continue to increase spending on their Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and Human Resources departments. In fact, an estimate from Deloitte, a leading management consulting firm, shows that companies spend nearly $3,000 per employee on their HR budget.

Businesses are looking for ways to cut these rising employee costs. Mexico offers a pool of highly trained workers who can provide support for all standard HR, accounting administration, and tax compliance services at a fraction of the cost. We teach you how your business can cut employee costs with administrative support in Mexico.


A Flexible Workforce Responsive to Your Needs


For companies with Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR departments in the United States, it’s time-consuming and expensive to hire or fire employees. This makes it difficult for your workforce to respond to changes in your business needs. You may need less Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR employees during slow periods in the year, or more employees during the busy periods in the year.

By outsourcing these administrative teams to Mexico, you have a flexible workforce. You can increase or decrease the size of each department with ease. This flexibility allows you to hire just as many employees as you need at any given time.


More Affordable Salaries for Outsourced Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR Employees


With less Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR staff, your total spending on salaries will go down dramatically. You can take advantage of less health insurance costs, legal fees, and insurance premiums.

Also, the salary for administrative employees in Mexico is more affordable than that of a US worker. As a result, your company spends even less money on your Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR departments for a smaller group of employees.


Training and Incentive Programs to Engage Your Employees


Employee engagement is an important aspect of helping your employees feel a strong connection to your business. Outsourcing in Mexico creates and carries out training programs to help employees be more productive. Moreover, this outsourcing of Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR utilizes incentive programs to motivate and retain more employees.

Training assistance means that companies spend less money on employee onboarding and continued education. Employees learn how to use online tools to store, track, and analyze transactions and invoices.


Taking Care of the Recruitment, Screening, and Hiring Process


From recruitment to screening to hiring, outsourcing Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR to Mexico takes care of your new hires. The flexibility of your outsourced departments means that you can expand your staff during busy “hiring” seasons and decrease the size of your staff during slow periods of the year. You can spend less money on hiring full-time recruiters, hiring managers, accountants, and other professionals to handle your HR and accounting administration services.


You can benefit in many ways from outsourcing your Accounting, Administrative “Back Office” and HR to Mexico. Let’s quickly review the different ways that this move would help your business cut costs.



What We Learned

Administrative support in Mexico provides highly-skilled workers at a more affordable rate than US workers. The outsourced department can be quickly scaled up or down to fit the changing needs of your business. The focus on employee engagement reduces the need to hire new employees. Finally, outsourcing in Mexico handles the complete hiring and onboarding process.

To start controlling your employee costs, contact IVEMSA today.


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