Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico More than Doubles


From January to June 2013, the amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Mexico was 2.5 times higher than the same period the previous year for a total of 23 thousand, 847 million dollars.  According to James Salazar, an analyst at CI Banco, 65% of the over 4,000 investments announced between January and May are slated for the manufacturing industry.


The majority of the investment capital came from the EU at 49%, with other contributors including Japan and Canada.  Cited as one of the most desirable locations is the Bajio region of Mexico, an area of recent expansion for manufacturing services by IVEMSA, a company specializing for over 30 years in providing manufacturing support for foreign operations.


Automotive manufacturing growth in Mexico from both U.S. and overseas companies continues to increase with recent additional commitments of 470 million dollars from Honda and 691 million dollars from General Motors. With Mexican labor becoming increasingly skilled and the increasing influx of foreign investment into the manufacturing sector, Mexico is becoming more attractive daily to companies seeking greater reliability and cost advantage to stay competitive in the global market.


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