An Intro to Back Office Outsourcing in Mexico: The Basics and Benefits of Growing Your Team


U.S. companies of all sizes and across multiple technical industries have shown a growing interest in outsourcing in Mexico. For decades, manufacturing in Mexico has thrived. However, there’s also the opportunity for small- and medium-sized businesses to gain similar benefits without establishing an entity in Mexico. Through business outsourcing services, companies can hire for skilled job positions, such as IT, accounting, HR, and design engineering, just to name a few.


The setup and process for outsourcing for back office support is similar to a shelter model for manufacturers. Among its many customized services, IVEMSA recruits employees, handles HR, and distributes payroll. Your company then trains and manages in the style you see fit. Back office outsourcing allows you to build a team of employees in Mexico without compromising the standard operations and company culture you’ve already put into place.

Managing the Hiring and Recruiting Process

IVEMSA coordinates employee relations with your company. As you promote job positions and recruit in the U.S., IVEMSA does the same in Mexico. We search for potential employees based on skillset and experience, set up interviews, and handle hiring per the agreed-upon direction and authority provided. Additionally, IVEMSA helps companies maintain compliance and ensure they are being competitive in terms of salary and benefits offered.


Recruiting is handled similarly to the U.S. through job posting sites, such as LinkedIn, as well as a networking presence throughout Mexico. IVEMSA is able to source from a range of skill levels to meet U.S. outsourcing needs for small- and mid-sized companies in various roles. This is a strategic way to benefit from Mexico’s talent pool without the necessity of creating a business footprint.


Employees work exclusively with the hiring company and work remotely from IVEMSA’s office with the exception of training, which is done in-house or at another predetermined location. Outsourcing to Mexico is for companies that want to cast a wider net in their recruiting efforts and benefit from a skilled talent pool, close proximity to the U.S., and collaboration with an experienced shelter services provider like IVEMSA.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Mexico

Mexico has over 2,500 higher education institutions with highly sought-after and well-ranked education and training programs. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of salaries among Mexico’s workforce allows U.S. companies to recruit top talent for back office support and scale more efficiently and successfully.


Furthermore, the benefit of the close proximity to the U.S. proves valuable with regards to employee training and any in-person meeting requests from the company with IVEMSA. These cost and convenience factors play a primary role in the growing demand for business outsourcing services in Mexico.


By offering back office outsourcing, IVEMSA serves as a go-between partner that helps companies recruit and build strong, capable teams and fulfill crucial roles in IT development, HR, engineering, and other key operational positions. To learn more about how IVEMSA’s business outsourcing services in Mexico can boost your company’s growth needs, contact us today.

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