Aeronautical Opportunities Highlighted at Mexico’s Aerospace Fair


Airplanes are made up of hundreds of thousands precision-made parts, from seatbelt buckles and jet engines to small fasteners. Global demand over the next 15 years is predicted to be 35,000 new airplanes which means that opportunities abound for aerospace parts suppliers. Mexico has taken advantage of that opportunity and become the world’s fourteenth largest aerospace industry, leading the way in each phase of the manufacturing process, from the design, engineering and assembly to the modernizing, maintenance and recycling. In fact, it is estimated that an airplane equipped with Mexican technology takes off every two minutes.


Baja California, in particular, is a hub of aerospace activity, and home to the county’s largest grouping of aerospace manufacturers. The state capital of Mexicali is the location of over 50% of the state’s entire aerospace production with over 8,000 employees conducting processes and activities that range from basic assembly to sophisticated manufacturing, design, prototyping and testing.


All of this and more will be highlighted at Mexico’s Aerospace Fair 2015 April 22-24, 2015 at the Military Airbase No. 1, located in Santa Lucía, Mexico. The fair is focused on civil, military and defensive aeronautics and will feature leading aerospace companies and personnel from around the world. You will have the chance to see the latest technologies, find out about new services and products related to the industry and meet government authorities, entrepreneurs and high-ranking members of the military, both national and international, thus increasing the opportunities for business. IVEMSA will be highlighted on the show floor in booth C21. For more information about the fair itself, see here.


It is truly a global gathering. European, Asian and North American companies will all be represented at the Fair demonstrating the industry’s growth within Mexico. From 2009 to 2012, Mexico’s aerospace industry received more foreign direct investment than any other aerospace sector in the world-boosting its exports to $5.5 billion in 2013. Additionally, Mexico currently has the second largest private fleet in the world, with more than 7,572 aircrafts. According to the Secretariat of Economy, the average annual growth rate of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico is 14%, and the Strategic Program for 2010-2020 considers that, by 2020, Mexico will export about $12.3 billion aerospace related products. For an up-close look, plan on visiting the 2015 Mexico Aerospace Fair, Mexico’s largest international aerospace event.


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