• Company: Miraco Inc.
  • Established: 1987
  • Headquarters: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
  • Industry: Interconnect solutions
  • Distribution: Worldwide
  • Established Mexican Operations: 2011

Why Mexico?

In 2010, Miraco became concerned about labor trends that, if continued, would not allow them to stay cost competitive with manufacturing.  At that time, they began considering an out-of-country solution.  Due to management’s previous successful experience with operations in Mexico and the desire for easy access, Miraco chose Mexico.


Miraco reviewed a number of shelter companies. Evaluation criteria included cost, experience and industries served. Following the extensive review, IVEMSA was chosen.  David Bouley, President of Miraco says, “We are ISO certified and maintaining quality is key to us. But also important is how we feel about the people. Working with the IVEMSA group is a worthwhile  investment, and they have proven to be the experts we can trust.”


Miraco is utilizing IVEMSA for a complete package of shelter services, and with a little over a year up and running, the operation works seamlessly.  As Bouley says, “Everything the IVEMSA team told us to expect was dead on. We simply could not independently do what they do for us in any economic manner.”