San Luis Rio Colorado

San Luis Rio Colorado is the most northwestern western city in Sonora and sits directly on the border with Arizona. The fourth largest municipality in the state, it is situated on a broad mesa characterized by a flat and sandy terrain. San Luis Rio Colorado is home to a wide variety of international manufacturing operations including such corporations as TSE Brakes, Flextronics and Masimo. Benefits to companies manufacturing in the area include:

San Luis Rio Colorado Manufacturing Facts



Closest commercial port of entry:

San Luis, AZ

Closest major airport (s):

Yuma, AZ – 18 mi.
Mexicali, BC – 40 mi.
Tijuana, BC – 150 mi.
San Diego, CA – 180 mi.

Closest commercial seaports:

Ensenada – 208 mi.
Long Beach – 284 mi.

Number of maquiladoras:


Maquiladora workforce:


Lease rate per sq. ft.:

$0.55 – $0.60

Shell construction cost per sq. meter:

$50 – $80

Average production line worker fully burdened salary:

$4.50 – $4.90

Population from 18 -54 years:


Industry concentrations:

Metal Mechanic

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