Mexicali is a big city with a friendly community feel. The state’s capital and its second most populous city, it sits directly on the California border with three points of entry. With 12 universities and 9 vocational schools the populace is well educated and skilled. A fully modernized area, with abundant water and power supplies, Mexicali is home to major multi-national companies such as GKN Aerospace, Kenworth Paccar, Gulfstream, and Collins Aerospace.

Mexicali Manufacturing Facts



Commercial port of entry:

Calexico, CA

Closest major airport (s):

Tijuana International Airport – 109 miles
Los Angeles International Airport – 234 miles
San Diego International Airport – 120 miles
Tuscon International Airport – 241 miles

Closest commercial seaport:

Ensenada, Mexico – 170 mi.
Long Beach, CA – 231 mi.

Rail Transport:

Joint venture between Ferromex and Union Pacific, both southern-northern routes

Number of maquiladoras:


Maquiladora workforce:


Lease rate per sq. ft.:

$0.55 – $0.60

Shell construction cost per sq. meter:

$60 – $80

Average production line worker fully burdened salary:

$4.70 – $5.10/hr

Population from 18 – 54:


Industry concentrations:

Aerospace/metal mechanics
Food & Beverage

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