Guanajuato is largely considered one of the most important logistic centers due to its excellent roads, railroads and its international airport. It has the most modern internal customs in Mexico and is becoming the fastest growing state for manufacturing in Mexico. Guanajuato is also known for their annual Cervantes International Festival, which brings many visitors to the city every October. With access to 80 percent of the Mexican market, 70 percent of Mexico’s international trade and 70 percent of Mexico’s automotive industry, Guanajuato is a popular location for Mexican manufacturing.

Guanajuato Manufacturing Facts

State Population:


Main Industrial Cities:

Guanajuato, Irapuato, Leon, Silao and Celaya

Guanajuato City Population:


Irapuato City Population:


Leon City Population:


Silao City Population:


Celaya City Population:


Distance to US Border:

564 MI or 902 KM

Nearest Major US Cities:

San Antonio, TX
Houston TX

Commercial port of entry:

Nuevo Laredo Commercial Port of Entry

Closest major airport (s):

Bajio International Airport

Closest commercial major seaports:

Veracruz Port 449 MI or 718 KM (Gulf of Mexico)
Altamira Port: 395 MI or 631 KM (Gulf of Mexico)
Lazaro Cardenas Port 309 MI or 494 KM (Pacific Ocean)

Rail Transport:

Kansas City Southern Mexico and Ferromex

Number of maquiladoras:


Sector with the highest distribution to the State GDP:

Manufacturing 30.6%

Total Industrial Parks:


Lease rate per sq. ft.:

Base Rent of $0.52 to $0.57 USD (Class A building)

Average production line worker fully burdened salary:

$4.50 – $4.90 USD per hour

Population from 18 – 54 years:




Industry concentrations:

Chemical Products

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