Keeping You Ahead of the Legal Curve

There are literally thousands of government, legal, fiscal, health and environmental regulations in Mexico.  At IVEMSA, we track them all, and then work closely with you to ensure that you are in full compliance and able to pass any inspections or audits whether announced or unannounced.

Each department within the IVEMSA group is responsible for monitoring and assisting with legal compliance in their respective fields.  Beyond that, we provide master oversight and audits to assist you in meeting the standards of:

  • SEMARANT, Mexico’s counterpart to the EPA in the US, for environmental regulations
  • STPS (Secretaria del Trabajo y Prevision social), Mexico’s counterpart to OSHA in the US, for health and safety regulations
  • Legal compliance with Mexican real estate and leaseholder improvement requirements

Our team of legal advisors is on tap to assist in any situation large or small, at any time.  And when it comes to protecting your legal rights to intellectual property in Mexico:

“Mexico has a strong reputation for protecting international intellectual property, patent, and trademark rights and is a party to several international treaties, including the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty.”

International Monetary Fund, Finance and Development Report, March, 2013