Mexico Is Good Business

If you are considering establishing a manufacturing facility out of the country, Mexico offers benefits to numerous to ignore.  For employee quality, ease of access, intellectual property protection and cost reduction Mexico deserves your attention.





Where in the world is the best place to help you reach your manufacturing goals? The global dynamics of labor and resources are changing rapidly and today, more than ever, Mexico is a must-explore option.






If cutting costs or moving operations from China or Asia to a more strategic location is a factor in your growth, Mexico is an option that deserves to be considered.






There are key spots throughout Mexico that are best positioned for nearshore manufacturing. And that’s exactly where you will find IVEMSA.


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Fast Facts:
Mexican Manufacturing Cost Fact Sheet

This Mexican Manufacturing Cost Fact Sheet outlines a number of the potential cost savings for manufacturers (labor, site selection, utility costs, investment incentives, etc.) who are considering setting up and running operations in Mexico.




Percentage bringing manufacturing closer to United States


Plan to bring manufacturing closer in the near future.

Closer to home.

21% of North American manufacturers surveyed planned on bringing production into or closer to the United States and that 38% planned to do so in the near future.”

2011 survey quoted in Nasdaq April, 2013

What clients are saying

IVEMSA is proud to have long term relationships with clients – in many cases 15 years or more.  Our commitment to their business goals has created a long-term partnership of ongoing successful operations and growth.  We invite you to read our clients experience in their own words.

“Everything the IVEMSA team told us to expect was dead on. We simply could not independently do what they do for us in any economic manner.”
David Bouley
“From the beginning they found the best candidates for the job and people who are still with me today.”
John Chettleburgh
President and CEO
“TIVEMSA has the most experience with companies in our niche, and demonstrated that they could best help us navigate this new business landscape.”
Jonathan Minter

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