Value-added Services

We Go the Extra Mile with Value-added Services

Our number one goal is to help you succeed in Mexico—we want to put our expertise, network, and contacts to work for you. While other companies may nickel and dime you for every small request, we do our best to offer a number of complimentary services like assistance sourcing local vendors and suppliers, relocation and cultural training for your plant managers, and more.

Providing Everything You Need

Your company has unique goals and needs, so we like to make our services flexible. Whether you have 10 employees in Mexico or hundreds, we’ll work with you on a plan that makes sense. Our value-added services can include:

  • Source consulting to help you find local, high-quality suppliers and vendors
  • Transportation services for your employees or corporate personnel visiting your facility in Mexico
  • Relocation and cultural assistance for plant managers moving to Mexico
  • Researching and helping you qualify for incentive programs offered by state or local governments

Other companies treat these services as something extra that comes with additional charges. IVEMSA includes them with all our client plans.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way


As your needs change, the services we offer will adapt with you. Ready to transition from a shelter to standalone entity, for example? We’re here to help, at no additional charge.

Hands-On Attention

Our employees are working with you and managing your Mexican operations every day. They’re available anytime you have questions, need reports, or want to check on how things are running.


Our president is a former Secretary of Economic Development and has served as president of regional and national maquiladora and industrial development boards. We put that expertise and network to work for you.

Relocation & Cultural Assistance

When your manager for your Mexican facility relocates, we’ll be there to help him or her get settled, find a home, and learn a new city and culture.

Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
Gain peace of mind.

Contact us today and see how we can help you take advantage of all the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico - without the hassle.