The Situation: In February 2013, The Mexican Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare (Secretaria de Trabajo y Prevision Social – STPS), a federal agency in charge of work conditions and labor law compliance, announced a random audit to be performed at Martech Medical Products, an IVEMSA client. As the legislation governing labor was modified at the beginning of the year, many companies were expected to be unfamiliar with the changes and the authorities’ evaluation criteria.

Challenge: Assure everything related to human resources such as work conditions, documentation, wages and salaries, etc. was perfect order, organized and in full compliance with newest labor laws.

The Action: Working side by side with Martech management, the IVEMSA human resources and accounting team developed an action plan to assure all employees’ records were up to date, information was complete, the workers’ environment safe and healthy and documentation transparent for the audit.

The Result: The STPS authority gave high marks to the organization of the Martech operation. They had zero findings and congratulated Martech and IVEMSA personnel for their rapid response and updated documentation that clearly demonstrated complete legal compliance. No penalties fees or additional charges were applied, and Martech expressed appreciation for the confidence that they have in IVEMSA’s ability represent them in governmental compliance situations.