IT Industry in Mexico

The IT Industry in Mexico Is the Largest in Latin America

Mexico’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workforce is growing rapidly—Mexican universities graduate over 110,000 engineers each year, which represents over 20% of all graduates. The depth of this talent pool has started to draw significant investments from major tech corporations and venture capitalists. Now, the cities of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon and Guadalajara in Jalisco are being called the “Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

Mexico's IT Industry by the Numbers

0rdlargest IT exporter
in the world
$0billion+ in exports
0k +engineering graduates per year

Take Advantage of Mexico’s Growing IT Industry

All the factors that make Mexico attractive to industries like automotive and electronics, which have long histories in the country, apply to the IT industry in Mexico, namely, proximity to the United States and the lower cost of labor. But this industry, perhaps more than others, is poised to take advantage of the growing pool of highly skilled engineers that are pouring out of Mexico’s universities.


Regional and local governments are investing in the IT industry as well, by implementing and incentivizing programs that focus on STEM training. IVEMSA can help technology companies take advantage of incentive programs and tax benefits that will add to the cost savings of moving your operations to Mexico.

The Silicon Valley of Latin America

Top Talent for Lower Costs

Many Mexican universities offer outstanding STEM programs, some of which are ranked higher than major U.S. universities. They produce a deep, highly skilled talent pool—at a lower cost.

Growing Investments

Top tech companies, venture capitalists, and governments are investing heavily in Mexico’s growing IT sector. Many tech companies are forming partnerships with Mexico-based companies (which already number about 2,000).

Facilitate Corporate Visits

Because Mexico is so close to the U.S., with hundreds of daily flights and over 50 border crossings, it’s easy for corporate personnel to conduct site visits as needed.

Comprehensive Solutions

IVEMSA is your partner through every step of the process. We’ll help you set up a shelter, find a site, recruit employees, and contract vendors for build-out. Then, our HR, Trade and Compliance, Accounting, and IT teams keep things running.


Fast Facts: The Mexican Manufacturing Advantage

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  • Mexican labor costs are 10-30% less than the United States
  • Mexican universities and vocational schools see over 110,000 new engineering graduates each year
  • Mexico has over 5,000 foreign manufacturing companies and the infrastructure to support their needs

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