Electronics Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico’s Electronics Manufacturing Industry Is Among World’s Largest

Baja California is home to one of Mexico’s largest clusters of electronics manufacturers and suppliers, with over 200 companies—including Samsung, LG, and Foxconn—and over 92,000 employees in the state. This region is known for its a young, well-trained workforce. It also benefits from being so close to the U.S. border. IVEMSA has a wealth of experience working with electronics companies to help them take advantage of Mexico’s talented, low-cost workforce, proximity to the U.S., and many trade agreements.

Mexico's Electronics Industry by the Numbers

$0billion USD in
exports in 2014
0thlargest manufacturer of
electronics products globally
0%increase in exports
from 2002 - 2012

Take Advantage of an Established Industry

Mexico is the largest exporter of flat-screen TVs in the world, the third-largest exporter of computers, and the eighth-largest producer of electronics in the world. IVEMSA can help manufacturers, suppliers, and assemblers create a strong presence in this industry, which is expected to continue to grow steadily.

When creating such specialized products, a skilled, reliable workforce is critical. We’ll plug you into our network of talent pools and make you attractive to the best employees of Mexico’s electronics manufacturing workforce.

Get Cost-Effective Quality & Electronics Industry Expertise

IP Protection

Protect your IP. Mexico, and especially Baja California, is known for its strong protections for intellectual property, patent, and trademark rights.

Skilled Workforce

Mexico has a reputation for a pro-business labor culture and highly skilled workforce. IVEMSA can help you recruit, train, and keep the best employees for your electronics manufacturing.

International Trade Expertise

Mexico has 28 Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements and Double Taxation Treaties with over 40 countries. IVEMSA’s trade compliance experts will help you maximize the benefits of these agreements.

Comprehensive Solutions

IVEMSA is your partner through every step of the process. We’ll help you set up a shelter, find a site, recruit employees, and contract vendors for build-out. Then, our management services help keep things running.

Reduce costs.
Retain quality.
Gain peace of mind.

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