Reuters-cochesRegardless of recent discussions and debate about moving offshore manufacturing facilities back to the United States, several automotive giants are standing by their plans to both continue to manufacture, and even expand operations in Mexico.


According to an article in Fortune, BMW remains committed to its new $1 billion facility.  The San Luis Potosi plant is set to manufacture their 3 Series model.  BMW plans on investing in its South Carolina facility as well as the Mexican location.
GMC also refused to change plans regardless of comments of increased taxes that were made this month. The DailyMail reported that CEO Mary Bara said the company had no plans to change where it produces small cars.  GMC currently manufactures the Chevrolet Cruze hatchbacks in Mexico.


Eduardo Solís Sánchez, executive president of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA) said recently that Mexico is already selling more cars to the United States, despite the tax threats on the automotive industry. Mexican-made vehicle sales to the United States is up 7.1%, according to Sánchez.


A Wards Automotive report stated that 17.4 million small cars were sold to the United States throughout 2016, and the number continues to grow.


While there is a lot of talk and some concern, the outcome of the automotive industry in Mexico still maintains a bright future. For more information, contact IVEMSA, the Mexican manufacturing expert, and read the entire Forbes article.