Automotive Manufacturing in Mexico Indicators Strong for 2017


Bosch Set to Expand Mexican Operations

 In 2017 Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, will move to expand its Mexican manufacturing operations. René Schlegel, president of Bosch Mexico, recently stated, “We expect all our business sectors to continue to develop positively in the current year. To be prepared adequately, we’re planning to invest more than $90m euros this year.”

The company plans to expand include a two-pronged approach. They have opened a new powertrain engineering center at their existing site in San Luis Potosí and will expand their local automotive technology manufacturing capacity.

Bosch aims to hire over 3,000 new employees locally, expanding the job markets in both San Luis Potosí and San Martín Obispo. The company currently employees over 13,000 in Mexico.

The German technology company has a long-standing relationship with Mexico, and has had a manufacturing presence there since 1955. They plan to emphasize this partnership with the cultural event “Year of Germany in Mexico”.

Mexico offers a promising market for many foreign companies. As a NAFTA member state, it is the global automotive industry’s seventh largest automaker and the fourth largest exporting nation.

For more information, contact IVEMSA, the Mexican manufacturing expert, and read the entire article.


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