Despite Trump, Ford moves ahead with plans for Mexico plants

By |02/23/17|


Reminder: Ford is expanding its Mexican operations.

Ford Mexico CEO Gabriel Lopez said at a company event in Mexico City Thursday that it’s going ahead with plans to […]

Mexico’s Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

By |02/21/17|


Mexico’s economy has performed well relative to other major Latin American economies in recent years, largely because of its thriving manufacturing sector. Unlike Brazil and Argentina, whose […]

Does Mexico’s Auto Industry Threaten US?

By |02/21/17|

by Peter BuxBaum at Global Trade Magazine

Since the formation of NAFTA in 1994 Mexico has blossomed into one of the world’s leading producers of motor vehicles and […]


CareFusion Utilizes IVEMSA BPO Services for Recruitment Boost

By |09/24/15|

58d75a71-c6f3-4561-af35-6dcdef5e0f33CareFusion, a global supplier of medical devices that has long established manufacturing operations in Mexico, recently tapped IVEMSA BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) […]


IVEMSA Announces BPO Administrative Services Program

By |04/20/15|

This month, IVEMSA has announced the creation of IVEMSA BPO, a division dedicated to providing all types of industries in Mexico with the comprehensive administrative services currently utilized by foreign […]

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